This is where Classic Dance LIVES! FM101 – The Planet is the home of non-stop 90’s and early 2000’s dance, eurodance, freestyle, house, trance, techno, latin dance, electro, jungle, drum n bass, happy hardcore, acid, breakbeat and more! The origins of modern EDM and the golden era of rave are what we’re all about. With an emphasis on Canadian artists, as well as rare, hard-to-find, exclusive release and promo-only tracks, we’re guaranteed to not only bring back memories – but introduce you to music you’ve never heard before!


In December of 2020 we posted a CD cover for Pump It or Dump It on Facebook. That cover contained a photo of women’s underwear. Immediately upon posting this photo – Facebook’s AI flagged it as a violation of their community standards. Rather than challenging their AI, we voluntarily removed the post. However, by doing so – we apparently waved our right to a review, and our page was hit with an orange quality rating. We’ve come to now learn that any post that appears similar in text to that original post – also counts as a re-violation. Every single post MON-FRI for the last 6 months has been marked as a “re-violation” – even though there was nothing inappropriate in them, and has now reduced our page quality to RED…We’re trying to contact Facebook, but as anybody who’s tried knows – it’s next to impossible. We will be limiting our posts on Facebook until this has been fixed. Until then – please don’t unfollow us, but follow us on Instagram and Twitter instead. We hope to be back on FB soon.